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better than the last, its nice taht your finally taking advantage of the non-canon crazyness that the incident series should be about... seeing jesus kick some ass for the first time in 5 years was hella satisfying... but again i cant stress this enough you havent really done anything different. there were grunts that were easily gunned down and a giant mag guy that was killed kinda fast. The last really exciting madness cartoon you mad was the one when the mag torture went on a complete and utter rampage thats what madness should be about. Weve seen jesus do all this before i just really feel like you lost what madness is about. Its not just about the violence, yeah its a big part of it but what about crazy and unexplainable chaos going on taht no one expects. like in madness 3 when there was a crazy ass scene with a giant fucking marshmellow falling out of the sky, or madness 7 when hank was being chased by a giant demon tricky while also fighting waves and waves of enemies. that all was awesome! and i just feel like youve stopped doing the crazy scenerios and just pump out these quick and easy incidents every once in a while. Im just hoping you can bring the madness back into the madness series

christ, look your animation and art are both spectacular but this is the most unoriginal and least funny thing ive seen in a long ass time. You literally dont have jokes, its just unfunny memes and references to youtube videos. Christ man you didnt even put effort into the writing you just threw in popular things that little kids would find funny. It was honestly just a disaster and you shouldnt waste your skills on bullshit like this. Im literally baffled at how well recieved this is.

This was kind of dissapointing. Since these incidents are non-canon you have a lot more freedom to do crazy things that dont make any sense and don't need too. Your last incident was awesome because it was about a mag agent just going beserk and killing everything in its path and that was never done before. This was just a run of the mill short of sanford and deimos shooting some agents. It just felt passionless andyou just did it because you feel like you have too. The original madness series you would always pull something new and unexpected and keep us excited for more cartoons and i just didnt feel excited or like "OMG OMG WHAT HAPPENS NEXT" because all they really did was shoot guys with a machine gun. The only really new thing you put was some bad guys that had paintball masks on who got killed immediatley.Make something youve never done before like tricky going on a killing rampage, or jesus fucking blowing up a shitload of mag agents, or hell even deimos just throwing shit at some agents for 2 minutes. Its boring as fuck when it just a bunch of agents dying and dying and repeating that same forumula. Ive loved madness since 2003 and i just dont want this to end up becoming stale and emotionless. What I'm basically saying is madness is known for one thing, absolute madness going down. And there was nothing that was crazy or mad about this one, it just looks like someone was playing project nexus. Dont wory though krinkels, your still #1 in my book i just didnt like this one that much.

brilliant, hans had a SHITTY cameo, if you catch my drift

very refreshing, i admit i was getting a little bored of the usual madness routine after 7.5, but that was a much needed change of pace, seing a mag agent go on a slaughter spree was cool as fuck.

your friends need help

but dont let them get any because that was glorious. None of it made any sense, just the way i like my cartoons. If this isnt art then i dont know what is.

holy shit

yo i msoo fucking drunk right noww so theis was fucking amazing, im gonna by it cvuzi dont give a fuck

the punchline saved it

i hate arrow to the knee jokes, but that was a pretty funny ending. i dont normally laugh out loud to things so i gotta give you props my man. Keep your head up

Twisted4000 responds:

You laughed-out-loud? Dang, it's awesome to know I was able to create something that affected someone that way, that's my goal. Thanks for watching!

haha well done

you forgot about how you need to recalibrate motion plus every 10 minutes.

Samination responds:

Haha. It's not THAT bad!


why would you make like the first 3 seconds well animated with actual lip sync, and then use a shitty loop for the rest of the animation? That drop in quality was extremely noticable. Since you spent $50,000 a semester going to SVA id think youd have something to show for it.

i make some pretty mediocre toons. why am i updating this at 2:50 AM u ask??? cuz ur a blueberry

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