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2010-10-17 12:37:12 by savage011

its not over yet


hey yall

2010-07-20 12:11:57 by savage011

im almost positive that no one cares, but screw it im making a post anyway. My new todd walker flash is well under way (about 1 min 20 seconds so far) but im estimating it to be at about 5 mins like the last one so i got alotta work to do, but ANYWAYS heres a screenshot you fuckers.

hey yall

new animation :D

2009-07-23 16:45:19 by savage011

im a novice at it but i think i actually made something decent... check it out if you have a spare 1:10 seconds.

hello there

2009-04-13 23:32:22 by savage011

any bored person reading this, i hope to be submitting something with quality insteadd of that other shit i put in. its gonna take a while though